How fast do you ship ?
It's our goal to ship tags as quickly as possible, but as every tag is custom made to your specification, allow up to 48-72 hours for us to ship your tags. Refer to our shipping policy here.


Are the tags Chew Proof ?
No! These tags are not chew proof.
TIP: If your dog tends to chew things, attach it closer to the harness
What material are the tags made of ?
These are 100% Metal tags

What if I want to get a custom design made for my tag ?
We are happy to provide complete custom designs for your tag. However, there would be only 2 revisions available before the final version is agreed.

Alternatively, you could send us your own design too. Shop here

What colours are available ?
Our tags come in a variety of colours. And if you do not find the one you like, write your colour (CMYK or RGB) in the comments section and we will make it happen!
Refer to our product catalog.
How durable are your tags ?
We use only the highest quality materials available and it's our mission to provide you with both a stylish and durable pet tag. We believe that it’s the most durable tag in the market currently.

Please understand tags are not indestructible and they are not chew proof. If your pet is a tag chewer, it's recommended you move the tag to a harness or use a smaller keyring so it's not reachable.

Are tags double sided ?
Yes! They are customizable on both the sides based on the design you choose.


What comes with my tag ?
Each tag comes with a round metal key-ring for attaching to your pet's collar or harness. (See 'What's in the Box' section for details)


Do you offer Free shipping ?
Of course! We are happy to take care of the shipping charges for orders above Rs.399 in India and above $200 internationally