Bull Dog - Art
Bull Dog - Art
Bull Dog - Art
Bull Dog - Art
Bull Dog - Art
Bull Dog - Art

Bull Dog - Art

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Unique Art. Masterpiece. Luxe.

Introducing the epitome of pet luxury: our brand-new Art form pet name tags!

Your furry friend deserves nothing but the best, and our unique name tags are designed to be the ultimate expression of sophistication and style for both you and your beloved companion.

Each tag is a work of art in itself, featuring meticulously crafted breed-specific designs that capture the essence and beauty of your pet's unique breed. Whether you have a regal German Shepherd, a playful Labrador Retriever, or any other breed, our tags are customized to showcase their distinct characteristics.

But it's not just about aesthetics; our name tags are also a symbol of safety and security. Crafted from high-quality materials, they are durable and built to withstand the rigors of daily wear, ensuring your pet's vital information is always within reach.

Worried about losing your cherished pet? With our luxurious tags, you can have peace of mind knowing that your contact details are easily accessible, increasing the chances of a safe return if your pet ever wanders.

Make a statement with a pet accessory that goes beyond the ordinary. Elevate your pet's style and safety with our breed-specific art form name tags.

It's not just a tag; it's a piece of art that reflects your love and devotion to your furry family member.

We Send our Love and ...

Inner Tag: 100% Metal

Outer cover: Silicone Rubber that Glows in the Dark

If your baby is a 'chew master'

We recommend to attach the tag closer to the collars (image below) instead of attaching it to the D-ring. This way it will be difficult for them to reach the tag

If your Tag gets dirty

If you baby loves to play in the mud and enjoys a good beach time, the silencer ring will accumulate dirt inside and can be easily cleaned. We recommend cleaning at least once a month. Click this Link to watch how to clean the tag

The silicone ring can be removed and be cleaned with water (both tag and ring)

Wipe tags clean with water & dish soap. You can also use a soft toothbrush or to remove dirt. Those little silencer rings around the tag like to collect dirt & can easily become solid with active dogs. You can take them off and wash 'em!  If they get too icky, we provide affordable replacements.

Kind note

Wear and tear is expected with any item worn for an extended time. If you wore the same sock every single day, eventually holes would appear. It is expected to have wear and tear on any tag when wore for a continuous amount of time



How fast do you ship ?
It's our goal to ship tags as quickly as possible, but as every tag is custom made to your specification, allow up to 48-72 hours for us to ship your tags. Refer to our shipping policy here.


Are the tags Chew Proof ?
No! These tags are not chew proof.
TIP: If your dog tends to chew things, attach it closer to the harness
What material are the tags made of ?
These are 100% Metal tags

What if I want to get a custom design made for my tag ?
We are happy to provide complete custom designs for your tag. However, there would be only 2 revisions available before the final version is agreed.

Alternatively, you could send us your own design too. Shop here

What colours are available ?
Our tags come in a variety of colours. And if you do not find the one you like, write your colour (CMYK or RGB) in the comments section and we will make it happen!
Refer to our product catalog.
How durable are your tags ?
We use only the highest quality materials available and it's our mission to provide you with both a stylish and durable pet tag. We believe that it’s the most durable tag in the market currently.

Please understand tags are not indestructible and they are not chew proof. If your pet is a tag chewer, it's recommended you move the tag to a harness or use a smaller keyring so it's not reachable.

Are tags double sided ?
Yes! They are customizable on both the sides based on the design you choose.


What comes with my tag ?
Each tag comes with a round metal key-ring for attaching to your pet's collar or harness. (See 'What's in the Box' section for details)


Do you offer Free shipping ?
Of course! We are happy to take care of the shipping charges for orders above Rs.399 in India and above $200 internationally


Get a Matching PoP Socket / Phone Grip and flaunt your love in style





Why You'll Love it!

Safety & Fun

Customise Both Sides

Beautiful design combined with emergency details at the back. Fashion them in style and Never loose your pet again

See Before you Buy

Customer Images

True Love :)

Don't take our word for it


You guys are the best! The tags are super cute and such beautiful design. Love it


Bruno's Mom


Amazing colours and everything. Loved it. Will recommend to friends and family


Casper's Mom


This is my 8th tag from you guys! Still can't get enough. Just makes me happy when Coco wears it


Coco's Dad